Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I'm on the second sock of each of these.

This one's a pattern called P Sherman and has a big cable down the middle and a little one on each side.  The yarn's a discontinued kind called Sockotta that's 45% cotton and 55% wool.  Do not like.  I've got two balls of it in another colorway.  I'm going to use it on my knitter's loom.

This one's called Dragonfly.  The yarn (both of them) are A Day in Stars Hollow.  The sock is partly an experiment in wide leg/normal foot.  I think the foot is still a tad too big.  I can imagine the yarn knitted up in a long skinny scarf with the solid color in a fringe on each end.  Lorelai might wear that.

This one is Boddam, with little cables and a zig zag pattern in purl stitches down the front.  The yarn's from Gnarled Paw and is called Wooly-Paca.  It's really nice.  Gnarled Paw is having a sale that ends at midnight US Eastern time when April 20 turns over into April 21.  Go to Etsy and check it out.  I liked the yarn so much I went off my yarn diet by a couple of skeins.  None of the Wooly-Paca was on sale (at least in a colorway I liked) but I found some that I did like.
Sorry about the pictures.  Camera and I are at war again.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Nicely done, my feet are so skinny, I need to make my socks much skinnier..