Friday, October 30, 2015

Finished Friday

I've been working at getting things finished and not starting more.  We'll see how long the not starting more lasts.

First we have an Uggh, the Doctor Who Christmas stocking.
It doesn't deserve a better picture.  If it was in better focus, it would look even worse.

Moving on, here's Jasmine's new cat bed:
It's a bit crooked around the top because she likes to rest her chin on it.  If I did it again, I'd make it smaller.  Jas is a ten pound cat and you could fit two of her in there easily.  Still, she seems to like it which is all that counts in the end.

Amelie's Wallpaper:  if you saw the film Amelie (and you should)  you'd understand why the socks have this rather unusual color combination:

The second pair of the Club Mac socks are called Hurly Burly:
I did my usual shorter than written legs.  They have this interesting construction with an open cable down each side of the leg.  They would look good with longer legs. 

There are only two more weeks to go on the mystery afghan squares.  I hope to put that together as soon as the last square's done.  I'm knitting away on the Arts & Crafts blanket.  If temptation stays away, it might be done before the mystery squares are ready to go.


Paula Morales said...

Are you crazy!! That Doctor Who stocking is awesome!! I want to make one now!

Paula said...

I'm sure that yours would look better than mine does. The colorwork is lumpy, even after a feeble attempt at blocking.