Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday

It's crazy.  I finally have a day when it isn't gray and rainy and I'm awake during daylight hours.  I go to take pictures and the camera's battery is exhausted.  I charge it up and half of the pictures come out blurry even after repeated tries.  Sigh.

My goal has been to finish up as much as possible.  I want to start a cross-stitch project this weekend.  I do not want project bags glaring at me.  I've only been partially successful. 

I am up to date on my afghan project.  Week 41's square was one of the blurry pictures.  Only 5 more weeks to go.

I unexpectedly got a pattern I'd been wanting, Amelie's Wallpaper.  I thought I'd alternate working on those  socks

with the Arts & Crafts blanket.  It worked for a while.  Here's the latest strip of blanket squares with the edges curled up:

Then the new pattern from Club Mac showed up.  It's a e-book with Macbeth-themed sock patterns.  I thought I'd work on these as the clues showed up.  Unfortunately, the whole pattern arrived at once.  I started it anyway.

Then it occurred to me that I hadn't started a Love Your Library project for October.  I poked around in my Ravelry library and picked something called a Suncatcher Top.  It's basically a big crocheted circle that becomes a vest with a shawl collar.  I'm doing it as a stashbuster project to thin out a bunch of DK weight yarn.
I'm not sure how the sizing is going to work out, but I am having fun with it.

Tammy's back so go see what she and the other folks are up to.

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Beth Coleman said...

Suncatcher is going to be beautiful!