Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday 3-11-15

  • Sewing:  no progress on either bag.  I'm still trying to decide what fabric to use for the messenger bag.  I'm even considering not making it a Doctor Who bag at all.  The one thing I managed to do this week is to talk myself out of buying more fabric.  JoAnn's has Doctor Who fabric for sale.  I think that at least some of it is available online.  I still stopped myself from getting more.

  • Van Gogh mini pillow:  still needs a bunch of back stitching.  I may actually start on it when all the current socks are done.

  • Mystery squares:  up to date, which is week 11 of 46.  I misread the pattern so one of this week's squares is different from the other.  It still looks good so I don't care.

  • Love Your Library-March:  done except for blocking.

  • Arrgyle Socks:  done to avoid doing other things.  Hey, at least it is one thing out of my queue.  There are just a few rounds before the toe's done on the second sock.

  • Geek Socks:  the new Knitty came out yesterday.  When I saw a pair of socks that utilized self-striping yarn, I was all over them.  This is the second yarn I tested for them.  The pattern requires at least three rounds of  each color.  This one (Knit Picks Felici in the Caprica colorway) should work.

  • At the rate I'm going, most of these pictures should appear again on Friday.  Happy stitching!  Go see what other folks are up to at Stitch Along Wednesday.


    Vivianne said...

    What shall you do with the leftover yarn from the turquoise socks ? Are you hexipuffing ? :)

    Paula said...

    I've got so much leftover sock yarn that I couldn't begin to tell you what will become of it. I did some hexipuffing a while back. I think there's a project bag with them in it somewhere.