Friday, March 27, 2015

Nothing Finished Friday

I've been keeping up with all the yarnish projects.  Nothing is done, but I am working on them.  Sewing's another story.  An old, long, boring story.  What does one do without any objects to talk about on Friday?  One goes shopping!

I got the new What Would Madame Defarge Knit? book today.  It's called Defarge Does Shakespeare.  The patterns are all inspired by Shakespeare's work.  I decided that I must start the Fairy Queen Tea Cosy as soon as possible.  The recommended yarns were Knit Picks, so you can pretty much figure out the rest of the story.  It was time for the free shipping game.  I got the yarns I needed, plus a ball of Chroma for my mystery afghan.  I needed to buy a little bit more.  I checked through the tools.  The only things I wanted were backordered.  I ended up in the books.  Socks a la Carte - Colorwork was on clearance, so I got it.  It was more than I needed to spend, but the heck with it.  Now I've got all three Socks a la Carte books.  Who cares if I haven't used them yet?  I've got the whole set!

This was on top of an earlier KP trip this week.  I saved a little bit on that sale and I now have a good set of yarn on the way for my Alice in Wonderland pillow.

It's all in celebration of having survived yesterday.  It involved many hours, two different companies, and a new car battery and alternator.  I do a happy dance every time my car starts.

Here's where to go to see some things that people have actually finished:

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