Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Weaving in the ends of 2014

First of all, it turns out I can sew an afghan together neatly with mattress stitch. Maybe I did better with this one because it's crocheted and not knit. The Deco'Ghan:

Works in progress:

  1. Irma sweater: Needs blocking and buttons to be sewn on. I plan to do that tonight.
  2. Grandpa sweater: Needs buttons. They are on the way from Hong Kong.
  3. Bunny slippers: One foot needs felting and then they can be assembled. I plan on doing the felting tonight. Really. I know it has been nearly two years, but I will do it! First project to be finished in 2015.
  4. Name of the Doctor scarf: I'll finish it eventually. It'll probably take the place of the bunny slippers as the project I keep putting off. May be finished in 2015 at some point.
  5. Kaffe Fasset afghan: I keep reading the Ravelry group for this thing. I keep hoping that someone will have come up with a different way of assembling it that will work for me. As soon as I work that out, I'll finish it. Hopefully early in 2015.
  6. Van Gogh mini pillow: stitch count is off a bit and I need to take some of the cross stitches out and redo them. I'll probably pick this one back up in a day or two.
  7. Whovian messenger bag: I think my sewing machine needs a professional tuneup. I'll be putting sewing this together until I get that done.
  8. Spring flower quilt: I probably haven't mentioned this project in years. It's about half quilted. I've been putting it off because quilting is my least favorite part of making quilts and because of the Bernina misbehaving.
That's not too bad. The list could be less than half this long in a month. Then again, I could start clicking around on Ravelry and end up with a whole pile of new projects. it's been known to happen.

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