Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

I can't believe that I got all the way to December 24 before checking out Drops Design annual free pattern calendar. I printed out a cute slipper pattern that has a Norwegian design. I may knit them tomorrow if I've got the right yarn in my stash.

I bailed on that mystery scarf. Stitch counting got even worse, if that's possible. For once it wasn't entirely my fault.

I finished the cross stitch pieces for my bag. However, I haven't been motivated to get my lazy behind over to the sewing machine to assemble it.

The yarn showed up for the afghan I decided to make. It's been challenging, but fun. It's crochet. I seem to screw up less when I have only one loop to deal with at any moment. No lifelines are necessary when frogging must happen.

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