Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Stitch Along Wednesday

Tammy's doing a weekly linky page for work in progress. I've decided to play along. Here are my current WIPs and their status:
  • Name of the Doctor scarf: hibernating. I won't mention it again unless I should be motivated to pick it up.
  • Hopsalot (bunny slippers): I finished felting them last night. When they are dry and I can find the pattern, I'll finish them.
  • Kaffe Fassett afghan: I started clue 8 of 9 last night. I decided to assemble it using Option 7 (that only makes sense if you're reading the forum postings) instead of the pattern as written.
    Clue 4
  • The Mystery of the Traveling Scarf: this is an almost year-long knitting game/pattern from Criminal Knits. I'm planning on doing it both as a scarf and as afghan squares. I got the first clue a little while ago so I've not actually made any progress yet.