Monday, December 15, 2014

Scarf not fun

Arrgh. The third day clues had multiple mistakes. I ended up doing it three times and kind of faking it on the last row when the stitch count was off by 1. It was amusing in a demented sort of way. If you knit it as written, you end up with a single abandoned stitch on one side of the scarf. That was how I knew that what I was doing wasn't even close.

I put down my needles and picked up a crochet hook. Jasmine the cat ripped the head off of her catnip Dalek. She must know what "exterminate" means. I made her a new one with Christmas colors.

Now I'm doing cross-stitch. I'm simplifying my original idea for my Doctor Who messenger bag so that it actually gets completed. Simple stitching, that's the ticket. Plus it will use up bits of those many Doctor Who fat quarters that I just had to buy.

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