Thursday, October 17, 2013

Checking in

I'm in one of my weird sleep cycles. I'm 12 hours off of what a normal human sleeps plus occasional naps. It's kind of tricky if one needs to get things done.

I've not been getting the Scarefest socks done. Well, at least not correctly. The most recent one looks like a cauldron dripping green stuff. It's pretty cool and the leg worked out well. The foot was dreadful. I think the yarn was heavier than fingering weight. I chose to not finish the pair. I may do some more of the Super Sock Scarefest socks as they appear, but am not going to obsess over getting them done.

I went back to my 50th anniversary of Doctor Who project. The goal is to have completed 12 Who-related projects by November 23. I've got three more projects to do in six weeks. This is what I finished yesterday:

The pattern looks like a bunch of weeping angels. The funky colorblock look is courtesy of mini skeins in Rose Tyler, Amy Pond, and the 10th Doctor colorways.

I knit them with my new Dreamz dpns. I like them very much. Each of the six sizes has its own color. Also, each needle has the US and metric sizes printed on them. No fooling around with multiple needle sizers. Yay!

I got my physical copy of Op-Art Socks today. It's going to be fun and challenging to knit through this book. I was wondering how the wild pair on the cover. It takes two balls of the same long color repeat striping yarn. Looks like big fun to me.

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