Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Phat and Happy

The Phat Fiber box arrived today. I nearly gave up trying to get one of these and am really glad that I stuck with it. I've got a picture of what was in the box but it doesn't do it justice. Here's a list so I can keep track of all the lovely fluff. If you wonder about the fiber names, the theme for this box was All Creatures Great and Small.

  • Ambrosia and Bliss: Luna Moth batt (merino wool, tussah silk, carbonized bamboo, angelina and firestar).
  • Atomic Blue: Yeti Wears a Party Hat batt (merino, faux angora, banana fiber, angelina, mohair, BL X, cashmere, nylon, sari silk, firestar).
  • Beesybee Fibers: Macaw Roving (Blue Face Leicester).
  • Birds Nest Yarns: All Creatures Great and Small mini braid (50/50 merino wool/alpaca top with mulberry silk sliver).
  • Comfed Out Kaiser: Honeybee Batt (soy silk, alpaca, tussah silk, angora, sparkle).
  • The Critter Ranch: All Creatures Great to Small that live Here on the Critter Ranch (cashgora goat, angora bunny and alpaca cria, llama cria).
  • Desert Garden: Tiger Tumbleweeds carded batt (romney, merino, sparkle).
  • Feistywoman Designs: Little Blue Heron roving (merino and angelina).
  • Fiber Fancy: Toad's Eye hand pulled mini batt (superwash merino).
  • Hampton Artistic Yarns: The Silk Sampler (silk in five different forms).
  • Sandy's Palette: Sheep's Night Out batt (Coopworth with a touch of Angelina).
  • Sarah Kate Fibers: Phlamingo batt: hand dyed wool, mohair, and firestar).
  • Spindies: Chocolate-colored samples (fine alpaca top, alpaca with a tiny swirl of mulberry silk, wool and superwash merino blend).
  • Susan's Kitchen Fiber Arts: Dales in Springtime Sparkle Fluff (mohair,longswool, angelina).

The box also included stitch markers from Yarndemon Designs, My Fair Bag Lady, and Marcie Phillips. There were notecards from Winemakersssister. There was a scarf pattern that managed to disappear, or I'd give the designer credit. There were a bunch of discount coupons from many of the box participants. If I manage to control myself at Stitches South on Friday, maybe I'll have some cash to spare to use some of the coupons. The fibers are all really cool.

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