Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chipping away at projects

I've been kind-of working on projects. Everything I'm working on or considering working on seems to have something about it that keeps my enthusiasm down. I won't whine TOO much.

Paintbox Quilt: I don't have a precise enough attitude to do quilting sucessfully. Still, I love putting the fabrics together. The quilt top is done. It's not perfect, but good enough. The back has a bunch of little rectangles that are pieced together that should all line up neatly. They don't. Since probably no one but me will ever see the quilt back, this shouldn't bother me but it does.

Susie Hoodie: I'm knitting this from frogged yarn from a previous fail. It's going okay, except I don't like the yarn. It is a cotton/acrylic blend. I do not like cotton yarn. It is so limp.

Know it all bag: I'm not sure I like the felted bag I made. If I'm going to invest the money in the electronics (it is a row counter/pattern display), I think I should like the bag. This one's going on the back burner for now.

The Great American Aran Afghan: I got a copy of this pattern last week. It is really something. It has 20 aran squares, each designed by a different person. This could be a fun long-term project. I'm going to watch for some deals on worsted. It takes something like 4000 yards and I'm not in the position to buy that much at the moment.

Computer decoration: Knit Picks has something in their new catalog called a Fiji Getaway Kit. You knit and felt a bunch of fun things to turn your computer area into a tropical hideaway. There are fishes on the wrist rest, a palm tree coffee sleeve, and felted flowers to drape on your monitor. The best piece is a great white shark stapler cozy. Fiji doesn't inspire me much, but it would be fun to come up with a theme that does. This goes into the thinking about it category.

Hmm, finish the quilt back or clean the house? Suddenly the quilt doesn't seem quite so bad.

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nfmgirl said...

Hi, Paula! I just wanted to thank you for the tea mug cozy that I won in One World One Heart! It's very cute! I finally got around to do an official "thank you" on my blog...

Thanks again! It was very kind of you.