Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shop Hop: Stops 4-10

Stop 4: The Whole Nine Yarns in Woodstock.

What I liked: the shop's got a whole lot of yarn that I like. Today, though, what I liked and what I needed to buy were two different things. I bought Cat Bordhi's new book and kicked myself for not coming by when she was there last week.

Freebie: a sock pattern. This was my favorite. It has a kind of honeycomb pattern with the sweetest little cable-ish pattern up the back.

Stop 5: Knitting Emporium in Kennesaw.

What I liked: this shop is in a funky little house and it has rooms and rooms full of yarn. They've got this cool garden sampler that's made up of all sorts of interesting patterns. I wish I'd taken more time to find out more about it.

Freebie: a lace cowl, knit from sock-weight yarn.

Stop 6: Knitch in Atlanta.

What I liked: Knitch is a spacious shop with tons of yarn. They also sell a bit of fabric and have a section with fiber for spinning.
Freebie: a unique scarf patttern, knit on size 15 needles.

Stop 7: Sheepish in Decatur.
Lulu and I were getting pretty tired at this point. I couldn't find a way of getting her and a shop sign in the same picture. This is Lulu after we got back to the car after this stop.

What I liked: There was a good variety of yarn here. If I'm remembering correctly, they had spinning fiber for sale, too. I do remember a wheel in the window.

Stop 8: Needle Nook in Atlanta.

What I liked: I'd been to this shop many years ago. It seems to have a LOT more yarn than what I remembered. They have lots of patterns and also needlepoint supplies.
Freebie: a beaded scarf pattern.

Stop 9: Strings and Strands in Atlanta.

What I liked: This was one of the shops that was completely new to me. I was surprised by all of the yarn they had. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but it is true. There were several people hopping in this shop and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
Freebie: cabled cowl pattern.

(Yes, Lulu's in the picture. It took me a while to find her, and I took the darn thing.) Stop 10: Cast-On Cottage and Needlework Garden in Roswell.

What I liked: I've been in this shop many times, with a variety of experiences. Today was the best. I found the yarn that I wanted as the main color for my world map afghan. I couldn't find enough. One woman checked in the computer and said that there should be more yarn somewhere in the shop. Another woman went into where the yarn was stored three times, eventually finding what I needed. Also, I had a 10% off coupon because of my birthday.
Freebie: How Water Bottle Cozy. It's so cute, I want to go buy a hot water bottle so I can make it.

Now I've got a ton of yarn and three new projects to do. I'm going to start with a nap!

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