Thursday, December 6, 2018

What I have been up to

I gave up on the advent socks.  I am making an advent pillow instead.  Every day I open an advent box and knit two squares for the pillow.  There’s still a lot of yarn left, so I will come up with a plan for it later.  The pillow looks like the colored squares are floating on it.  The effect  is hard to see until the whole thing is assembled.  I can see it a little bit now.

These are the Red Robin socks, the last pair from the Handmade Sock Society.  Pretend you can’t see that bit of laddering in the middle, okay?

I am getting my swap squares and have started working on getting them together.  It is a challenge to get things to match up that we’re made by 10 different people.  It is fun, though.

Possible projects:
-Dolores Transatlantic outfit, waiting for lost needles (long boring story)
-Dolores Sugarplum Fairy outfit, maybe next if lost needles don’t appear
-Roamin’ hat by Kate Davies, book and yarns on the way from the UK
-Thirteenth Doctor Rainbow scarf, waiting for:  pattern to be released, yarn to arrive from the UK,  out of stock color to appear so the rest of the colors can be ordered

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