Monday, January 29, 2018

Ravellenics 2018 prep

With over 10 days to go before Ravellenics begins, things are getting a teeny bit ridiculous.

Project #1:  Sock Arms Sweater.  I can probably do this completely during the Games.  Kit came from Must Stash.

Project #2:  Olympia Socks.  These should be done during the Games.  The pattern varies depending on how many medals Team USA wins.  Kit came from Jimmy Beans Wool with yarn from Lorna's Laces and red, white, and blue stitch markers.

Project #3:  Team USA 2018 Hat.  This should be done during the Games.  Someone saw the Team USA sweaters and designed a hat based on the sweater design.  It's on Ravelry and it is free.  I'll get colorwork and stash laurels for it, so why not?

Project #4:  #fubc Shawl.  This is in case I complete the first three projects and need something more.  Stop laughing, it could happen.  Actually, I don't even have it in my projects yet so I'm not confident of this happening.  fubc = f you breast cancer and is from Susan Crawford who is a survivor.

My prediction is that the hat and socks will be done.  I'll get bored with the sweater and switch over to the shawl.  The shawl might be done too, but the sweater will not be.

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