Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mail Call

The madelinetosh Quick Shots I ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool arrived today.

The pinks are a bit different from each other in real life.  The yarn is merino/nylon with a good twist.

Franklin Habit did a column for Mason-Dixon Knitting about stitch dictionaries.  I decided to risk ordering from Amazon to get two of them.  (Skip next paragraph to avoid rant.)

Why was it risky?  The last two times I ordered from them, the order was “delivered” via their delivery “service”.  They take a picture of your package and email it to you so you can see that it arrived.  In both of my shipments, the photos were only clues to where they were dumped.  I did not recognize the first one.  Luckily whoever got it brought it to my house.  The second ended up next door.  It was scary going down and up his slippery stairs with a big box.  Beware ordering anything from Amazon other than books or smallish things that go via USPS.

Fortunately the books came through the mail and I am happy to have them.  The Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible is gorgeous.  260 patterns of lace, cable, bobbles, leaves, borders, and a whole lot more.  It makes me want to try them all.

Alter Knit is a completely different book, but great in its own way.  It contains 200 colorwork patterns. There are swirls and diamonds and squares of many kinds.  There are several Escher-inspired designs.  There is a needles and yarn design.  There are also patterns of things.  Many are animals, plus robots, cactus, zombies, and bicycles.  As a fan of Eddie Izzard, I am trying to think of something I can make with the Cake or Death pattern.

These books have motivated me to pick my needles back up.

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