Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 already?

Here's what has been finished recently.
  • Gnome pillow.  Knitting done, needs a pillow form.
  • Frankensocks.  These were done with one section per day between December 1-24.  Definitely Frankensocks, but fun to do.

  • Three French hens:
  • Alaska hat:
  • Fairy Lights socks:
  • Lucky cat.  If I tried it again, I'd do it as a plain white cat and not as the mutant calico that this one turned out to be.

Photo skills with the iPad mini have not improved, but I have hope that practice might help.  It didn't with my camera, but it could work.  

I'm not knitting or crocheting anything at the moment.  I've got a shawl and a sweater ready to go for possible Ravellenics projects next month.  I've also got a Jimmy Beans sock kit on the way that will also be done for Ravellenics.  It's a knitalong where a cable is added every time your country gets a medal in the Olympics.  I'm considering a Valentine knitalong, since it should be done before all this other stuff starts.

I may be embroidering for awhile.  I've got a kit on the way for a Frida Kahlo pillow from Sublime Stitching.  I've got some other stuff from Sublime Stitching that I want to dig out.  My craft room looks like my stash exploded, so perhaps that will happen first.  Fewer things to dig through if I do that first?

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