Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Work is in progress.  There are no pictures but many excuses.

Yarnia blanket:  no new squares until Friday.

Cross-stitch sampler:  I'm down to the last two bands and have some enthusiasm for finishing it.  Taking a picture would involve unpinning and unrolling it.  I don't want to do that.

Hygge shawls:  I'm up to date on them both.  I don't want to pull them out and take pictures right now.  I'll do that when I start today's patterns.  I'll start today's patterns when I finish the sampler.

Harley sweater:  yarn is now in a project bag with the pattern printed out.  I should take a picture of the printed out pattern.  It took me hours to get the printer and computer to talk nicely together.  I don't know why they were suddenly mad at each other.   I'll start it after I'm up-to-date on everything else, including the new sock pattern.

Dobby's Lost Sock:  as soon as I said I was burned out on knitting socks, I found another one I wanted to do.  Since the new season of Doctor Who starts on Saturday, it was the perfect time to use that skein of Hell in High Heels for it.  Everything is ready to go except for the actual pattern.  The designer set up everything except for a link to buy it.  If it shows up, it'll go in the queue after the new Hygge clues and before the new Yarnia clues.

See what I mean about excuses?

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