Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's not stash...

...if I'm using it for something. 

I got this yarn today from LoveKnitting:
It is a wool/alpaca DK weight from West Yorkshire Spinners.  The color's called Sea Glass and looks better in person than it did online.  It's an almost mint green but a touch closer to gray so it doesn't look like it is for a baby blanket.  I am going to make a sweater from it.

I wanted to try the new Felici worsted weight from KnitPicks.  It was extra tempting when I found out that there was a version of Time Traveler (third color down) available.  It's my Doctor Who addiction coming out.  I have the original Felici Time Traveler in my stash in very silly amounts.  The top color is Baker Street (also addicted to Sherlock) and the second one is, obviously, Rainbow.  All of these are for my Yarnia blanket.

I'd stay and rattle on about a new sock pattern, but there's a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America.  I just heard Ten say, "Don't blink!" so it is time for my favorite episode that I've seen dozen of times.  Bye!

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