Wednesday, December 7, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Here's what's actively in progress:

Leftie.  I was looking around for some things to make a Doctor Who charm bracelet.  I ended up reordering the chain because I can't find it.  D'oh!  I did find a bunch of mini skeins left over from another project.  I'm using them to make this.

FrankenSanta Socks.  I've been keeping up with the clues.  The green on gray part is the back of the heel and is supposed to be the Grinch who stole Christmas.  I don't see him, despite having done a reasonable job with the colorwork.  One of the people doing this knitalong put the bottom of the nose and an embroidered evil grin on hers.  I may do that too.

The last sock in the Peace collection.  It has an unusual name and I keep forgetting what it is.  Sock 2.

Waiting in the wings are:
  • three sock patterns (one General Hogbuffer and two Yarn Yentas)
  • a set of fair isle catnip mice for a certain fur baby to get from Santacat
  • another blankie to use up the massive amount of leftover yarn from the one I just finished.  The pattern will probably be Demelza mainly because I'm working my way through the Poldark books and she's my favorite character in them.

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