Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Roundup

All the posts and pictures I've let slip by get caught up on December 31.  KnitMeter will zero out all totals tomorrow so I'm motivated to catch up right now.

I knit 13.9 miles of yarn this year.  That's down from last year's 14.3 miles.  I more than made up for that with crocheting, though.

I crocheted 1.75 miles of yarn this year.  Last year was only 1122 yards.

I spun 750 yards this year.  That's down from 915 yards last year.  Maybe 2017 will be the year that I get my wheel going.

My favorite yarn for this year was GnarledPaw. 

Year end stash enhancement:

The front two are from Gnarled Paw.  The back two are from Invictus.  The single skein is from Knitterly Things.  This is the last shipment from a self-striping club.

Finished things that never made it to a Friday:
Faded Roses blanket
Demelza blanket (made from leftovers from Faded Roses)
Noro Entrelac pillow
Frankensanta socks
I also did a Pussyhat but don't know where it is at the moment.
See you next year!

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

So then I had to go check out gnawled paw! I am putting myself a bit on a yarn diet...I laugh as I say that! I'm going to try to not buy unless for a specific project...I just have yarn falling down all over the place here...Nicely done on the blankets...I am so not a blanket maker...