Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RIP Wednesday

I've freaking had it with the Grim Reaper and its mayhem throughout 2016.  GR's latest customer was Carrie Fisher, this morning.  Rest in peace, Carrie.  Thanks for your writing.  I enjoyed it very much.

Since I clearly cannot begin to guess what wretched things tomorrow might bring, I took the only reasonable action a yarn junkie could take.  I signed up for not one but two yarn clubs.  They are both part of the Mad Geek Tour.  One is Sherlock-themed (5 more days to a new episode.  Squeeeee!).  The other is Doctor Who-themed (new season starts in the spring.  Double squeeeee!)

I have been working on stuff, just randomly.  I got bored with one thing and picked up another and got bored and picked up another.  Etc.  One thing that's nearly done is an entrelac pillow made from Noro Silk Garden Lite.  I love Noro.

Here's sock one of two:

Here are a couple of squares from the Demelza blanket made from leftovers from another project:
I think this project has cured me of any interest I though I had in big complex crocheted squares.  I'm pretty good at crochet, but some of these drove me stark raving mad.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yesterday particularly sucked! I'm not joining in for the Sherlock club...I enjoy the show...but not a HUGE fan...not when I have so many others! I am continuing the BAMF club with her...her Mad Posse club...and I may join the Who-verse one later...but I seriously have so much of her yarn!