Thursday, October 6, 2016

WIP, uh, Thursday

It has been a squirrely week.  Sleeping times have been 12 hours off of where I would like them to be.  That means I've gotten nothing done that needs to be done.  It also means that although I have been knitting, there are no pictures to prove it.

  • Love is Love shawl:  final clue has been released.  I've got about a dozen long boring rounds to go.
  • Lianas socks (knit from stash for October):  One done.  It is another game of yarn chicken.  I won with the first sock.  It is self-striping so I might not exactly win with the second sock.  I plan to start the second sock with the same stripe as the first sock.  I don't imagine that the end of the feet will have matching stripes.
  • Practice Compassion socks:  One and one half done.  Yet another yarn chicken pair.  I suspect I'm not going to win on these.  Sigh.
  • Scrappie Socks:  These were designed to be done with scraps.  I am doing them with self-striping instead.  About half of a sock is done.

New yarn has arrived from Germany and Fort Wayne.  I'm not allowed to open it until Monday.

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