Saturday, October 22, 2016

Stars Hollow Fabric

I'm a big Gilmore Girls fan.  When I saw a project bag with a GG theme, I knew I had to find the fabric.  Not only did I find it, I found several other kinds.  It was amazing.  It was only about a half-dozen clicks between me seeing the bag to having an order of fat quarters on the way.

If someone else who likes Stars Hollow and fabric wanders by, go here.  The fabrics have Stars Hollow signs, buildings, fashions worn by Lorelai and Rory, two different sets of quotes, and a daisy-themed print. 

I think I've finally got the motivation to get my sewing machine tuned up.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

That is awesome! I had no idea what the bag would look like, it was a pre-order. This weekend, here in CT, they had a whole bunch of GG things going on in Washington Depot, but the tickets were super expensive and sold out quickly. I've been to the town and the surrounding area...and it really doesn't look like Stars Hollow, but I can see how she would be inspired....Amy P. Said she was visiting Hartford and then stayed in nearby Washington Depot. It's no where near Hartford, probably about an hour or more away...hahahaha, not even same counties! But it is a very picturesque area of CT...

Paula said...

I've got some GG stuff in my Twitter feed so I've been reading about the FanFest. It wasn't so much the look of the town as the interesting people Amy and her husband met when they visited.

The latest thing are GG Funko Pop! figures. Lorelai has a to-go cup of coffee in her hands. It is cute, but her eyes should definitely been blue.