Friday, December 11, 2015

FO Friday

It's the usual story:  I have been finishing things but camera and I are not getting along.  It's in the kitchen, sulking and being recharged.

I'm a fan of YarnYenta's (Heatherly Walker) designs.  When I saw that she's doing a knit from stash sock thing in 2016, I signed up.  I pulled out a dozen skeins of sock yarn and placed each in a project bag.  See, there actually can be reasons to have an otherwise insane number of project bags.  Once a month we'll get a pattern.  'llI pull out that month's project bag and then we'll see what happens.

For complicated Ravelry reasons, the YarnYenta had to offer a pattern in the series right away.  I knit it using leftover bits of sock yarn:
The pattern's called Tourbillion.  My yarn choices didn't work together quite the way I had hoped, but I did learn by my mistakes.  The pattern itself is pretty cool.

Here comes Krampus:

He's a creature with on human foot and one cloven foot.  He helps Santa by putting naughty children in a sack and taking them off to his lair.  The sock apparently is for filling with coal. 

I'd never heard of Krampus until seeing a YouTube video about him several years ago.  I guess that is what made me think I wanted to knit this.

Baa-ble hat:
I saw this hat on someone's page recently and decide I must drop everything and knit it.  And so I did.  More than 2000 people on Ravelry have done it.  Despite the cruddy picture, it is really cute.  The only thing I would do differently next time is make a bigger and denser pom-pom.  It is quicker than it might look:  I did it in one evening.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

You made it in one evening? I bow to you! I want to make it so badly, but as I've never done colorwork...I may try it over my break..I have 2 weeks and my car is getting the body work done from the garage crushing I'll be sans vehicle...

Paula said...

The colorwork is pretty easy. Do give it a try! Sorry to hear about the car.