Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Works in Progress

I have been working on stuff, but obviously not posting.  I can only get decent pictures in daylight.  My sleep/wake cycle is screwed up so I am not awake and coherent when I could be taking pictures of my WIPs.

  • Mystery Afghan:  it's up to date.  There are about 15 weeks to go.  I did the squares with the same weight of yarn and the same number of stitches.  If the patterns were all similar, this would result in squares all about the same size.  The patterns are all different.  I've been working on adding borders to the squares so they all come out to around 7.5" square.

  • Come Along Pond socks:  about 75% done.  Got distracted by squaring up the mystery squares.

  • Arts & Crafts blanket:  about 30% done.  I was alternating doing a blanket square with doing a pattern repeat on the Pond socks.  I'll probably go back to doing that when I finish the mystery squares.  I might get distracted again, though.

  • Zolotoy mystery socks are one possible distraction.  The first clue is 10 days away.  Here's the kit:
    I picked the colors.  I wanted pink and the gray was the best match I could come up with.  I think everyone ended up with gold beads.  I don't like them with the yarn colors, even though the gray has gold Stellina in it.  I'm probably going to use some silvery metallic beads.  The stitch markers are very cute Russian dolls.

    The other current distraction is a sock pattern called Lowenzahn (dandelion in English, lion's tooth in German).  The designer's offering the pattern in both languages. I'm going to try to make myself finish the Pond socks before I start these.

    Go see what Tammy and friends have been up to, too.

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