Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stash Enhancement Sunday

I meant to do this on Saturday, but time keeps getting away from me.  Actually I meant to post some of this stuff a week ago.  Oh, well.

I haven't bought any fiber in a while.  When I saw that Mad Color had a colorway called Fruity Oaty Bar, I had to have it:
It's something from the movie Serenity.  I'm obsessed with it to the point of having a Fruity Oaty Bar lunchbox for storing some knitting supplies.

Let's see what else is new in the stash.  Dark Side of the Moon:
It is obviously inspired by the cover of the Pink Floyd album by the same name.  Maybe not that obvious in the skein but the pictures of it knitted up looks like it.

I got my Mad Geek Tour yarn a couple of weeks ago and never posted it.  The colorway is Hell in High Heels:
Not exactly my favorite colors, but I'm sure something will come up for me to use it.

On the way are some skeins of Vincent and the Doctor for a new-to-me TARDIS shawl.  There's also something else I bought from somebody on ArtFire that will be a nice surprise when it arrives.  I've forgotten what it is.

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