Saturday, September 6, 2014

Works in progress, sort of

In ascending order by date and why the lack of progress:
  • Hopsalot slippers, started 2/21/12. They have to be felted by hand and it takes an obnoxiously long time to do.
  • Name of the Doctor Scarf, started 2/7/14. It's too hot to work on a scarf. Also, it's double knit and I wanted a break from double knit.
  • Irma cardigan, started 8/14/14. I got distracted by the TARDIS scarf and this got set to one side. I'll probably finish this before the first two.
  • Heart's-Ease Boutonnière, started 8/16/14. Construction's a little tricky. I set it aside to work on the cardigan some more.
  • Blankie Who, started 8/28/14. I've been thinking about making a little blanket out of dishcloth pattern squares. I started it with the many leftovers from the TARDIS illusion scarf. It involves knitting 5 squares at once. It was just asking for me to be distracted by something. I think it was the new cardigan.
  • Toirot Mystery Mitten, started 9/1/14. The second clue came out today. I'll probably work on it when I get tired of what I'm working on at the moment.
What I'm working on at the moment is the Grandpa Cardigan. I was watching QVC and they were selling these pretty Irish sweaters. You couldn't buy the yarn for them for the prices the sweaters were going for. I had one of those sweaters in a pale pink merino wool. It became too big but I couldn't bear to put it in the charity bag. Next thing you know, the house is full of little bits of pink yarn and I've got enough wool for a sweater. It's DK weight and so is the Grandpa that I found in my Ravlery queue. I'll be working on it until the next shiny object catches my eye.

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