Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Curly Fool & John Show

I am a big fan of Sherlock. I read someplace that in China, he's known as The Curly Fool. I like that. Anyway, I was watching it tonight. One of our PBS stations showed the last episode of Season 2.

I was knitting away on a pair of Spilly Jane's Police Box Socks. I was knitting them to avoid working on the last pair of Tour de Sock socks. Why avoid them? They are double knitting. I joined the Tour to avoid working on my double knitting scarf. Yes, I see that I have a problem sticking to a project. I think half the reason I allow myself to get distracted is because I can. Nobody's going to take my needles away from me and make me stick to one project. Well, Jasmine the cat might swipe the needles, but I have extras. But I digress.

I was watching and knitting and I got a glimpse of the wallpaper at 221B Baker Street. lightbulb on. I queued a mitten pattern last week called Johnlock. As the designer says, it has Sherlock, John, and the wallpaper that had it coming. The designer, Therese Sharp, is the same person who did the Inevitable Betrayal Firefly mittens. I thought I started those. I wonder where they are? I got the pattern and starting hunting through my stash. What do you know, I have the perfect main color. It just happens to be one of the colors in the dreaded doubleknit Tour socks.

Guess what I'm frogging and not finishing? Say goodnight, doubleknit Tour socks. I'll let all those speedy Finns finish you while I'm knitting wallpaper for 221B.

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Life is too short to knit stuff you don't like! Glad you're doing the frog dance. Curly Fool, indeed!