Saturday, July 5, 2014

Projects update

UILI (use it or lose it)
I was working on a pattern I didn't like with some yarn I didn't like and had an aha! moment. I've got tons of patterns I want to try and tons of yarn I want to use. There is no point in doing anything with things that don't fit in those categories. I chucked out two balls of yarn. They couldn't have been sold or traded. I am happy and up to date with this project.

MOCKs (mystery socks)
I finished the ones I was working on and am cured of doing more. I'll go back to my queue or favorites next time I need a new project.

Tour de Sock
I finished the fourth sock and the fifth starts on Thursday. I think I finished a little lower than I did with the third sock. I think I'm close to the top 10%.

Tour de Loop
This started today. I've got more than an hour in already, so I'm good to go so far.

WIPs (work in progress)
Almost all the backlog have been cleared out. The Name of the Doctor scarf has been designated a long-term project. Double knitting on laceweight is a slow process for me. The Hopsalot bunny slippers only require felting/fulling and assembly. I may actually do the rest of the felting tonight. That leaves only The Birth of a Star socks. I grabbed them from my queue and started them last night. Oh, I forgot the Doctor Who embroidered and quilted messenger bag. got I need to review how to do paper piecing. I'll probably start that back up after Tour de Sock completes.

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