Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Tour de Sock, sock 1. I had the first sock nearly done when reality hit. There wasn't enough yarn for a second sock. I started over with more yarn, a smaller size, and the needles that give me gauge (1.0 mm/US 000). Very tired of working this pattern.
Bloom. I misread the heel chart and had to do it over. It wasn't completely caused by flakiness. The chart didn't print out the symbols clearly. The next clue should be out in the next couple of hours. I'm alternating working on this with the Tour de Sock sock.
Akero. I started the second clue late at night which was a Bad Idea. I'll restart it once the TdS sock is done and the next Bloom clue is done.
Fruity Oaty Scarf. I started this one before my interest in Mocks began. Work will continue when the socks are caught up.
Name of the Doctor scarf. I put this to one side to start the Fruity Oaty scarf. It's made with laceweight while the other one is fingering. That makes a big difference. I'll be back on this one once the other scarf's done.

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