Saturday, December 14, 2013

Project updates

Wreath: it's hibernating. I got to the third or fourth layer and it stopped looking cute. It starting looking like a yarn-eating creature had gotten very ill all over it. I'm considering a number of options. I'm not in to mood to experiment on it right now.

Advent Scarf: It's coming out okay and I'm keeping up with it. Can you tell I'm not excited?

The Doctors cross-stitch: I've got a design worked out that will include all 13. Moffatt has stated that John Hurt's character is a "real" Doctor. Since he's dressed similarly to the Ninth Doctor, I'll do a few tweaks to that pattern. He'll be between Eight and Nine. It'll be quite a while before we know how Peter Capaldi the new guy will look. I plan to do a simple outline for him based on all the other patterns. Stitching has yet to commence.

Sock monkey socks: I get obsessed with things from time to time. It could be gargoyles, Hello Kitty, gnomes, Doctor Who, etc. Sock monkeys are part of that. Santa is bringing me a pair of pajamas with sock monkeys on them. I decided that I had to have a pair of sock monkey socks to go with them. It amuses me to think of socks inspired by something that was made out of socks. I'm adapting a sock monkey Christmas stocking pattern into something that can be worn. It's coming out okay.

Temperature scarf: less than 3 weeks until it is done! I work on it every week or so. What's a temperature scarf? I record the high temperature every day. Each block of 5 degrees is assigned a yarn: 35-39 degrees is Violetta, 40-44 is Angels have the phone box (dark blue), and so on. I knit two rows of the scarf pattern for each day. It's good nerdy fun.

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