Thursday, December 5, 2013

Countdown projects go timey-wimey

What happens when one decides to do two countdown projects? Well, besides getting behind on both of them? A third project pops up. This one is a set of all of The Doctors in cross-stitch. Terry Louise of Tasmania is posting these on Livejournal. They're cute, not too complex, and very nicely charted. I will be doing them eventually. I've got some ideas about combining these with a couple of charts I bought on etsy. I'm tempted to abandon my other projects in favor of this one. If I wait until after Christmas, there may be a way of including Twelve in the project. I'm still calling the new Doctor Twelve despite recent events. Leave it to Moffatt to mess with the fan's heads by screwing up the count.

Scarf progress: two days yet to knit. I'd be up to date, except I was busy with the wreath.

Wreath progress: base is done. Leaves for day 2 are done. Leaves need to be arranged on base and sewn down. Leaf arranging had me so crazed that I was screaming at the cats. I put it down and apologized to the furbabies. I haven't touched it since last night. I ran out of printer paper so I'll be forced to stay away from the knitting and get more (three new pattern updates to print daily, you see). I didn't expect to keep up with this one. There are still acorns, holly, and ivy to do so far.

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