Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Countdowns

I was happy to locate Drops Designs annual free pattern advent calendar. I'm putting it here in case someone wanders in and might enjoy it. Also, it's where I can find it again.

I happened upon a Advent Calendar Scarf. The designer posts a new section every day. I had some yarn from an abandoned scarf project that would work, so I've started on it. I'm doing it half the actual pattern width.

Two years ago I did an Advent Garland. The designer is Frankie Brown of Frankie's Knitted Stuff. Her freebie this year is a Woodland Wreath. Note: link is to Ravelry. It's really cute and I can use some of the Garland ornaments in it. If I can remember where I stashed them. I can use up some of the big bin full of sock yarn leftovers, too.

Kristin the scarf designer and Frankie of the wreath are both offering their patterns for free. If you're moved to pay them for their efforts, each has a link to children's charities. I'll definitely be going back and clicking those.

The pattern links are to page in English, because that's what I speak. If you've happened upon this page and you work better in another language, you may be in luck. Drops Designs has their patterns in a bunch of different languages. This continues to amaze me. Kristin's scarf is in German and she's very kindly supplied an English translation.

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