Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yarn Yarns is Six

Happy Blogoversary to me. It's traditional for me to forget about this date. This year I found out why. The little counter button doesn't seem to like it when it is 0 days until one's blogoversary. Instead of a reminder, I get an error.

Here's what's in the works and what's coming up in my fibery world:

  • Kelso hoodie: upper back and hood left to do. I'm less than delighted with how it is coming out but still want to finish it eventually. There are several miles of stockinette to do to finish the back. It's BORING. I'm also not happy with the estimated yardage. The pattern says it should need every bit of the six skeins I bought. It looks like it'll only need four. Grrrrrrr.
  • I started a Hitchhiker in an attempt to avoid the Kelso. It was a fairly silly idea, since it is virtually all knitknitknit. I'm using some Lisa Souza yarn that's two shades of pink with occasional bits of green called What a Melon. The scarf's inspired by the late, great Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books. One edge of the shawl has these little points and there are 42 of them. It's amusing to those of us familiar with the books.
  • Tour-de-Sock starts on June 1. It's a speed knitting competition with six rounds. I've got all of the yarn and beads selected and ready to go. This is what will be the first round's socks:
  • Another Doctor Who swap starts June 1 in the Odd Ducks swaps on Ravelry. Must play in this one since the last one was one of the best ever.
  • Tour de Fleece starts on June 29. I'll be spinning for Team Tardis. I somehow became one of several co-captains for the team. I have no idea what to do, but will help out in any way I can. It looks like this will overlap with Tour-de-Sock, which should be interesting. My goal is to spin an hour or so every day. On the special challenge day, I'll again attempt to use my wheel.
  • Doctor Who anniversary project: 2 done, 1 frogged, 9 to go. This is on hold for the moment.

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