Saturday, May 4, 2013

What next?

These are Sake. I finished them about two weeks ago. I've got two other pair that are done but not blocked. Maybe they'll be completed by the next FO Friday.

I'm a bit burned out on the knitknitknit of the Kelso hoodie. Motivation to pick it back up may be on the way. I got Foggy Dew from Sheepy Time Knits. It's for a sweater called The Jumble Sale Kimono for the Widow Mayhew's Daughter (Ravelry link) from What(Else) Would Madame DeFarge Knit?. I am not allowed to so much as wind a single skein for it until the Kelso's done.

I officially gave up on the Pirouette Socks. If the Knitting Police show up at my door, I'll throw the ball of Wollmeise at them that I was using to do the Pirouette. It's the first Cookie A club sock I've not done. I'm not wasting my first skein of Wollmeise on something that makes me unhappy. So there.

Avoiding the Kelso led me to a MOCK called Drip Drip Drop. A MOCK is a mystery sock. Drip Drip Drop has some pretty fancy cables on it, so I have had fun doing it. Unfortunately, the next clue doesn't come out until Wednesday.

What next? It'll probably involve digging through the Use It Or Lose It bin and my Ravelry queue. It won't involve the Kelso.

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