Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Scarf Day 1

We get a new pattern every day for 24 days. Each daily pattern is separated by a little strip that can include beads. The beads I picked are tinier than what the pattern calls for. I like how they look and I know I'll like the relative lightness.

I finished a sweater and two hats this week. None of them particularly excite me. The hats are going into the winter stuff donation box because they may suit someone else. They aren't bad, just not what I like. The sweater needs different buttons. It was an experiment that sort of worked and sort of didn't work. The lesson I learned from it is that I must put larger projects in a time out before I commit to them.

I've been sick, so many things have been annoying me. I decided to not do any socks for the time being. I started a shawl called Wingspan that I'm knitting out of some Regia Kaffe Fasset-designed colorway. It's all garter stitch. I'll know for sure I'm feeling better when that begins to annoy me.

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