Monday, March 5, 2012

An all-socks round

I'm having one of those attacks of fear about hoarding. I've been pretty good about not buying more yarn and using up the club yarns as they arrive. Still, the yarn I already have is telling me I should use more of it up. I've decided to give myself another challenge on top of those for this month's Nerd Wars. I'm going to meet all but the giving challenge with socks.
Here's the plan:
::swearing and throwing things because Blogger went stupid and lost most of the post::
  • Nerd Culture/6 degrees of Kevin Bacon: Plain socks using A Little More Sonic yarn. Yarn links to Captain Jack, played by John Barrowman. JB's Bacon number is 2.
  • Intellectual/Klimt: Socks with a seal of Raissilon design from Gallifrey Mitts pattern. I've seen the mitts done in multicolored yarn, so I'm hopeful it'll work okay. The multicolored Koigu has many of the same colors as Klimt's painting The Girls.
  • Geek Pride/Bare Bones: Here's where I start having to think about stuff. I'm going to do a pattern called Paraphenalia. It has a cool cable down the front and it does show up nicely on striped yarn. The yarn is self-striping Time Traveler. That will cover my team challenge, which is to do something related to The Scarf. The Geek Pride challenge has to do with archetypes and I'm going to have to think a little more about how to present it.
  • Technical/The Scrap Heap: Make socks using leftover Doctor Who-inspired yarn. I have a pattern I want to use and I think I know where it is. I need to hunt down more yarn, though. I only have about 300 yard so far.
  • Scientific/Differences Matter: Just picking something out for this was hard. I need a project and yarn inspired by water in its liquid state. I think I can link this to Battlestar Galactica with a little research. I can link it to the Waters of Mars in Doctor Who.
At least I've got some things to think about while I knit the first two pair. Stay tuned.

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