Sunday, May 17, 2009


The KnitMeter is only kind of correct. I've knitted but finished nothing so far this month.

There's the shawl I've been making out of the yarn I dyed. There was so much of it left over, I ripped out the border and did an extra repeat of the main pattern. When I got to the end, there wasn't enough yarn to finish the border. I think I know how I'll finish it, but just haven't had the heart to rip back to that point yet. Yarn with mohair in it does not want to be frogged.

Every sock that was in progress has either been completed or completely undone. I attempted to start a pair from Cookie A's book yesterday. I've apparently lost my ability to count, which is a particular disadvantage when doing any Cookie patterns.

I wanted to play with yarn and knitting seemed to be out, so I made a swift out of Tinkertoys. I ran into a few problems, but eventually got something that works okay. I'll take a picture next time I have some yarn to wind. It is silly looking, but functional.

Stay tuned to find out what I come up with next and if I actually get something on the KnitMeter for May.

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