Saturday, December 20, 2008

Still Twisted

A week ago, I decided to look up a pattern in Socks Soar (see previous post) and knit them. I found the book without any trouble. When I found the pattern, there were pencilled notes in the margins. I'd already knit the pattern. This was one of my many pre-Ravelry socks that aren't photographed or recorded, so I'm only a little surprised by this.

I went back to my notebook of patterns I want to do soon (as opposed to the great big huge notebook of patterns I want to do eventually). I'm still on the twisted stitches kick, so I was delighted to happen upon Stricken in the notebook. One of my Knitter's Holiday swap buddies got me this pattern. Stricken is by my favorite sock pattern designer, Cookie A. She's coming out with a book next year. I've already got it on Amazon preorder. The book has patterns but also information on how Cookie creates her designs.

The pattern's fun, but not easy. I've made several partial frogs and restarts.
Fortunately, the yarn I'm using is putting up with the rework. It's a merino/silk blend from The Unique Sheep called Luxe. I'll be getting more of this yarn.

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