Friday, December 26, 2008

Mmmmmalabrigo sock yarn

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I'm very lucky. I can hop in my car and within 20 minutes be at one of three LYS. I know I won't continue to be this lucky if I don't continue to support these shops. Sometimes, though, they just don't have what I need. That's when I try not to feel guilty and shop online.

As soon as I heard about Malabrigo's new sock yarn, I knew I had to have it and that it would be a good choice for a gift that's somewhat time sensitive. I picked out the colors I wanted and checked on prices. There were some really good bargains to be had, but the colors I wanted weren't in stock in virtually all the places I looked. Then I visited The Yarnery, which is in St Paul, MN. They had the colors I wanted in stock. The price was a bit better than average. The shipping was a bit on the steep side, but wow was it fast! I ordered the yarn late in the day on 12/23. I had a shipping confirmation within an hour. The yarn was in my mailbox on 12/26. That's with a postal holiday in the middle, boys and girls. Can't beat it with a pointy stick. I ordered yarn from them a long while back and got the same good service.

Oh, and the yarn? Yum. I am so tempted to keep the gift skeins, but I'll be good. Maybe Santa will bring me some more next year.

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