Monday, December 22, 2008

Ohhh nooooooooooo

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This is the back of the leg portion of Stricken sock I've been working on. It's upside down, with the heel at the top of the picture. The pattern runs down the front and back of the sock. For the most part is knit in the round.

Having survived about 7" of teeny twisted stitches done in intricate patterns, the new challenge rears its ugly head. The heel flap is done flat. This means that stitch twisting and cabling have to be done on the wrong side also. When this bit of information finally sank in, I said many bad words. I worked past the heel last night. When I saw it this morning, I snapped the picture and immediately frogged it back to where the heel flap starts. I think I can do it correctly if I go slowly and work only in good daylight.

However, I'm worried about having enough yarn to do both socks. I checked it before I started, but it just doesn't look like enough. The yarn was a limited edition, so getting more's not a possibility.

I've got to face it. If I'm going to put this much time and effort into this pattern, I've got to make sure there's plenty of yarn. ::sniffling as I pull the needles out:: I'll be in my stash.

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