Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A swap the recipient liked

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This is what I sent Shauna for the Ravelry Earth Day swap. Thank goodness she liked it (despite my inability to spell Dreamsicle correctly).

I sent another swap out before this one and the recipient didn't like the yarn I sent at all. I felt bad and offered to replace it. Why would you tell someone you didn't like what you'd received unless you wanted it changed? This person didn't. All I can learn from the situation is if I have any doubts about what I'm sending, don't send it.


kasiaiscarly said...

seriously? how rude, why would someone tell you AT ALL if they didn't like what they got?

Paula said...

I've been wondering about that. I would imagine that most people have received things they didn't like. As long as what I get is on time and fits the swap parameters, my not liking something is MY problem. What purpose was served by telling me? I don't get it.

Too Little Time said...

Its not your fault she didn't like the yarn - I mean you didn't send her fun fur right. If you don't like the yarn you say "thank you" (like with any gift) and than send it on to someone else. This is a swap - they are not you're life long buddy who you know inside out. You tried, gave it your best shot. We all have doubts about swaps cause you don't know the person - you just do your best and enjoy the effort - Chin up - Karrie

Paula said...

Thanks, Karrie. That makes me feel a little better. If I encounter this person again, I do have a bunch of dollar store fun fur that I could send.

Why did I buy a bag full of fun fur?

Shauna said...

That's terrible! I loved the yarn and other things (sock bag!!! :) )you sent, but I can't imagine complaining about it if I hadn't. As long as my partner tries to pick something I'll like, I'm happy! Really, what more can you ask for? A psychic swap partner?

Geez. Your other partner definitely deserves fun fur. Muppet barf colored fun fur!

P.S. I finally finished putting together your package and will send it Monday. Sure hope you like it! :)