Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Big Girl Knits

After reading some reviews of More Big Girl Knits, I decided it would be one of my book indulgences from Amazon. There's lots of handy information and useful advice, but what I wanted to see are the patterns. I'm a little cranky today, so take my reactions with that in mind:
  • Plain vanilla pullover: I'll probably try this customize it yourself pattern.
  • Bountiful Bohus: cute, but are those really 3/4 length sleeves on a cardigan?
  • Susie Hoodie: love, love, love. I will make this for sure.
  • Modular Spiral Jacket: hmmm, maybe with less contrast in the color blocks.
  • Boo, too: I have too much in each of the 3 Bs (b00bs, belly, butt) for a ruffled-bottom sweater.
  • Hot Cocoa Jacket: I like it, but double-breasted is a no-no for the first B.
  • Peapod Aran Jacket: uhhh, just say no to bobbles.
  • Cable love jacket: There's nothing "little" about that horizontal band. It's BIG.
  • Folly II: I bet it'd be nice without the flowers on it.
  • Twisted pullover: very cute. Will likely make this one.
  • Mirage pullover: I wonder if the neck could be modified to a V?
  • No-gap wrap: verdict's not in on this. Maybe if it was a little longer.
  • Pastille: pretty, not the right style for moi.
  • Slipstream Pullover: a little on the boring side.
  • Guatemalan floral tunic: if it was an actual tunic length, perhaps.
  • Summer Chevron: cute, might try this one.
  • Magic Halter: no, no, not on this body, ever.
  • Orange Smoothie: it'd be almost as horrible as the magic halter on me.
  • Goddess Shawl: very purty, but I doubt if I'll make it.
  • Perfection Wrap: I'm not a shawl/wrap person, but it is pretty.
  • Finagle: a scarf. Do not want.
  • Trellis diamond socks: big girl socks! Yay!!!
  • Indian summer socks: likewise, yay! I think they could use a couple of those teeny grape leaves from the Tsock Tsarina's Vintage pattern.
  • Twisty-stitch socks: I like the pattern, but they're made with Cascade 220. Too heavy.
  • Big clutch: pretty cotton clutch bag, big girl size.
  • Felted weekend bag: the last thing I need is another bag, but this one's tempting.

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