Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Need to sleep, not surf

I finished the lace part of my second STR sock and just couldn't get into starting the rest of it yet. I sewed up the bottom of the bag I made for my HSKS3 partner and then couldn't get into starting the strap. I'm tired, but not enough to go to sleep.

So I've been clicking around looking at yarn pr0n. I know I've got lots of pretty yarn I've not touched yet. I know I've got several skeins coming from swaps. I don't care. I want more! So pretty. ::yum::

I saw a place where you can adopt an Icelandic sheep. You can get a picture of your sheep and its fleece and even its fleece already processed as roving. ::moan::

And then there are needles: KnitPicks has started offering those pretty multicolored needles. Paula want some. Mmmmm, pretty needles ::drool::

Ravelry progress:
1075 people are ahead of you in line.
19080 people are behind you in line.


Melissa said...

Heya Sock Kit Swap Pal!

I have a question... after reading your blog it looks like you prefer texture stitches to colorwork... would that be a correct assumption? I was looking for stranded color work patterns for some green and silver yarn... but that would be no good if you don't like doing colorwork! I want to make sure you get well spoiled with the kit I;m putting together, so any hints about the kinds of patterns you like to knit would be great! Also... what size of bag would you like? Something just big enough for a sock in progress and its yarn, or something you can haul around a sweater in?

Looking forward to your answers!
Melissa - HSKS 3 Pal
secretsockapal4 AT gmail DOT com

Paula said...

Hi Melissa,

I enjoy colorwork. I'm better at texture but WANT to do more color to improve at it. The bag I did for my pal is two color and came out much better than much of my previous work.

A sock-in-progress bag would be great, in that I do socks more than I do anything else.

You're really nice to ask.


PS I'll post this as a reply on the blog also just in case I made a mess of that email address.

Sallenlouise said...

I have my HSKS Trivia posted, you can check it out on My Blog.
Let's Win This Thing!!! Go Slytherins!!!

You lucky dog! Here's my Ravelry update:
# 8113 people are ahead of you in line.
# 12007 people are behind you in line.
My friend just received her invite..I'm so jealous, lol!

Sallenlouise said...

Attention Slytherins
To all of you wonderful Slytherins that participate, if you post on my blog after you've completed the trivia and scavenger hunt, you will be entered to win a $10.00 gift certificate to The loopy Ewe. Also, I will send each of you a little token of my appreciation! ;) POST by Friday Evening!!! Sept 14, 2007.

Let's Play Slytherins!