Saturday, September 15, 2007

It won't be long now

I meant to work on the HSKS3 bag yesterday, but things came up. Turnip prices were at 523 bells in Animal Crossing. I had to share the wealth with other people, so I was busy switching between two characters to let people into my town.

While that was going on, I read Lime&Violet. They had a link to a crocheted and felted skull pattern from Lion Brand. I had to try it. It was only 10 rounds, but a little tricky. I ended up charting it to see exactly how it went together. The yarn I pulled out of my stash wasn't marked and I wasn't sure how well it would felt. Turned out it didn't too well as you can see. I did a second skull with a single strand (pattern calls for two) and a smaller hook and I like the look much better. I'm planning on trying the little one again with some Cascade 220. Too bad glow-in-the-dark yarn doesn't felt. Or I could even figure out where I've stashed it.

The kit bag will be finished today. It's just a matter of the lining and strap. I've got a Coronation Street tape to watch so I'll just plant myself in front of that and do it. The other parts of the kit are already complete, yay!

In other it won't be long now news, see below. I'll have to go check my email once I post this.

Ravelry progress:
197 people are ahead of you in line.
19700 people are behind you in line.
Front 1% of the line. Exactly.

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Sallenlouise said...

I love the skulls!!
Almost in, woo hoo!

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