Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Done, Working, Waiting

Crazy Granny Blankie.  The center squares are from the square swap I was in recently.  Some were squares I did to use up odd bits of DK weight yarn.

Roamin’ Hat from the Kate Davies book.
Asteroid Socks, fresh off of the needles.  They were an experiment and used some of the mini skeins from the advent box.  I finally got around to trying Jeni’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  I highly recommend it.


Dolores’ Winter Accessories.  The hat has been done for weeks.  The scarf is a boring striped thing.  I bribed myself with the Asteroid Socks.  I would knit a section on the socks and do a couple of scarf stripes.

Thirteenth Scarf.  With no Doctor Who for a year, I had to start a Who project to help with the withdrawal.  The scarf is a take on the one she wore in the most recent episode.  It is all garter stitch and knit lengthwise.  The fringe yarn is put in place as you go, so no ends to weave in.  The fringe involves knotting the loose ends together then trimming them.  It is rainbow-ish, so at least there are lots of color changes.

Twist Again Sweater.  Looks like 2019 might be my year of the sweater.  I have a bag of Malabrigo in a blue/green mix.  It wants me to wind it up and cast on.


Dolores Sun Goddess Bikini and Beach Robe.  On the way from WEBS.  Dolores is sulking because she cannot have this outfit until I finish her stupid scarf.

SnOwl Sweater.  Berroco Ultra Fine Alpaca in a Turquoise mix, on the way from WEBS.  A bit indulgent, maybe.  Besides the Twist Again sweater, I have plans for two other sweaters from yarn I already have.  It did save money on the Dolores kit and it saved $14 on this sweater.

Peerie Flooers hat.  I am using leftovers from the Roamin hat along with some more Scottish tweed to make another hat from the Kate Davies book.  I will probably use all of the leftovers for a third hat
from the book.  Yarn should show up in a couple of weeks.

Victorian knit-along scarf.  Yarn is on the way from Makers Mercantile.   It is Franklin Habit’s first knit-along and uses an interesting sounding shaded yarn.

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