Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tour de Sock Stage One

These took longer than planned, but at least they are done.  I was early enough that my points will count for my team.  That makes it good enough for me.
It is possible that the next stage will be later than planned.  I’m on standby for jury duty close to when it starts.  I won’t know until the night before if I have to go or not.

What’s new that isn’t good:  the war on fleas continues, I got sick, the cat destroyed a second computer in a year, and my latest yarn order is on a magical mystery tour.  I have had the yarn situation before.  It will have gotten to the correct post office to get to me next.  USPS will then inexplicably ship the package to San Francisco or Anchorage.  It will come back to Kansas City and/or St Louis and then spend days bouncing back and forth between Roswell and Alpharetta.  I will get it eventually.  It is still better than trying to get something via Amazon shipping.

What’s new that’s good:  cautiously optimistic on flea efforts, I got better, my tablet is working fine until the new computer comes, and my Dolores kit is here.  I will be watching the classic Doctor Who marathon and knitting the ill-bred purebred sheep of Rassilon.

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