Friday, November 18, 2016

FO Friday

I've been a bit fuzzy-headed and haven't gotten back here to post stuff.  These were finished a week ago.

Christmas Stampede, a freebie from Drops Designs:

Little Pumpkins, a Halloween mystery knitalong:

I got through the first of the final sock in the Heidi Nicks Peace series.  Then second sock syndrome hit.  This sent me off on a tangent. 

I started a General Hogbuffer pattern and then realized that I needed more yarn than what I'd chosen.

I couldn't find the yarn that my Ravelry database said that I had.  I went through all of my fingering stash and reorganized it.  The yarn I was looking for never appeared.  I did find several formerly missing skeins plus two that I have no idea at all what they are.  I like them, so that's good.

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