Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WIP Wednesday

The double knit scarf has passed the half way point.  Doing only 5 rows at a time seems to have gotten me to stop resisting working on it.

Winslow Arizona and Oyster Bay Long Island is the rather long name for the mystery socks I'm doing.  I was happy to see that the short cuff I did was not a problem.  I was not happy to see that the dark yarn I'm using doesn't work as well as a lighter color.  I finally use an semi-solid yarn appropriately and it hides the pattern. 

A pattern in my queue was on sale, so I had to start it.  It's called Hieroglyphic Socks.  All I've got is the cuff so far.

For something completely different, I'm planning on doing the Sheep Lamb Project Bag.  It's crocheted with cotton yarn.

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